Easy and delicious homemade recipes

When we talk about homemade recipes we imagine abundant dishes made by our mothers and grandmothers when we were kids: a great stew that includes potatoes and carrots, an unforgettable soup, a tray of chicken fresh from the oven, a rice broth of those that they have an indescribable flavor ... ahhhhhhh yes.

There is nothing better in the world than homemade foods. They are the best to entertain guests whether friends, family, couples or potential partners.

Homemade recipes for all tastes

In Comedera.Com we have many recipes homemade, those that remind you of your childhood, the dishes of your mother, grandmother, aunt. Recipes that are always present in our hearts and that are perfect for virtually any circumstance.

Chicken soup: possibly the queen of all homemade recipes. Of course, our mother/grandmother prepared them and nobody ever did it better than them.

Vegetable soup: another typical soup that was made at home when we were kids. Nourishing, easy and delicious.

Cream of pumpkin: the kingdom of creams is amazing. In my case the pumpkin cream reminds me of my mother. Unsurpassed.

Suck either shrimp or chicken: the two suckers are epic . The chicken is like a "re-powered" version of a chicken soup. Shrimp is a sea delicacy like no other.

Rice with Chicken: homemade recipe, large family that prepares a Sunday for all the guests.

Seafood paella: the paella also reminds me of my mother, and my aunts. It is less complicated to do than you think.

Rice broth of fish: rice broths there are many. They are plentiful dishes, ideal to make at home when there are guests. This, of fish, is a pleasure for the palate.

Chicken stew: a classic recipe of grandmothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and mothers. Very easy to make and you can always adapt it by putting/removing ingredients.

Thighs Baked chicken: Baked chicken in general is a homemade dish, which many of us loved (or love) in our childhood for its insurmountable flavor.

Baked pork loin: pork is also usually present in homes. Ideal for a weekend with your loved ones.

Stewed squids : this is an epic recipe, unbeatable, powerful and very, very homemade.

Fish baked: if you're a fan of fish, you know that putting it in the oven with potatoes is a guaranteed success. It is practically done alone.

Baked ribs: ribs Pork cooked in the oven are one of the ideal recipes to make at home on a weekend.Meatballs are an easy homemade recipe that in addition to delicious yields for several servings.

Chocolate sponge cake: there is no more homemade dessert than a delicious chocolate sponge cake. As a child I would go up to the table to see and help my mother prepare it.

Homemade bread: learn how to prepare bread at home is one of the best knowledge you can get in your life. It is also very easy.

Caramelised onion: we all know it, onion cooked over a fire very low until it turns brown and sweet tasting. Ideal to accompany many plates of food.

How to make crepes: the crepes are delicious and can be filled with anything you can think of, learning how to prepare will expand your culinary horizons.

Spinach quiche: this delicious homemade salt cake can be eaten at any time of the day. Ideal for vegetarians.

Baked potatoes: delicious potatoes cooked in broth, ideal for accompanying meats of veal, pork or chicken.

Baked potatoes: learn to prepare delicious potatoes in the oven step by step, simple and delicious as garnish of various homemade dishes.

Stewed rabbit: delicious rabbit cooked in a sauce similar to that of our grandmothers.

Rabbit al ajillo: another homemade recipe with rabbit, very traditional. Ideal to share. You can accompany it with mashed potatoes.

Chickpeas with chorizo: a delicious Homemade stew ideal to prepare on cold and rainy days. Many calories full of flavor.

Hummus of chickpeas: the famous cream made with chickpea , ideal to spread on bread or to accompany roast meats.

Homemade jams

Preparing jams at home is much easier than you think, look at the recipes below:

  • Fig jam
  • Blackberry jam
  • plum jam
  • Tomato jam
  • Apple jam
  • Orange marmalade
  • Strawberry jam

Other recipes that I recommend ...

Look at my post about broths and backgrounds, there's the key to many of these homemade recipes.

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