Savoring Zaragoza: where to eat

Spain has too many places to enjoy an incredible meal. Each province has its own flavors and aromas that make those who visit want to return for more. And well, that happened to me.

A few days ago I had the fortune to visit Aragón , one of the most exquisite provinces in Spain, to be more specific, I was in its capital: Zaragoza .

The trip, organized by Saborea Spain in conjunction with the Tourism Office of Zaragoza, took us around the streets of the city to learn something about its history but, on everything, to savor it in depth, with glass of red wine in hand

The gastronomic route: where to eat in Zaragoza

The first stop of the tour was the Mercado Central de Zaragoza , a mandatory place to visit for those who want to obtain the best quality ingredients for their recipes.

In their corridors you can get a wide variety of seafood to, of course, the best cuts of meat in the region.

After visiting the market, we began to taste some delights.

The first stop was at the Casa Montal , one of the most traditional places in Zaragoza. Located a few meters from the old "Torre Nueva" in the center of the city, it offers at its entrance a gourmet shop with endless delicacies to buy, and inside, a restaurant à la carte.

The tasting? Red wine, good ham and crumbs with chorizo ​​and grapes.

The crumbs are my new favorite dish!

From there we went to the Bodegas Almau , a bar also traditional in the city, founded in 1870, where they specialize in anchovy tapas and where they have a very entertaining black pudding sandwich.

For lunch we went to another place full of history: the Casa Lac restaurant .

This site is located in that area of ​​march, drinks and tapas called "El Tubo". It was founded by a family of French origin with the surname Lac back in the 1800s.

The menu was themed, dedicated to the typical flavors and ingredients of Aragon.

We were able to taste from an incredible sautéed mushrooms and artichokes, to an orgasmic torrijas dessert with vanilla ice cream.

The protagonist of the meal? The shoulder of Ternasco de Aragón (very young lamb) stuffed with mushrooms and raisins.

The complete menu: sautéed mushrooms and puffs with fried artichokes on a creamy ground. Roasted potato stuffed with potato creamer, Iberian pancetta, egg yolk and glass pepper. Shoulder of Ternasco de Aragón IGP stuffed with mushrooms and raisins with crunchy skin with chard sauce. Bourbon vanilla torrijas with vanilla ice cream from Madagascar.

The night we grabbed several bars in the heart of the city in search of delicious tapas using the tourist card "Zaragoza Tapas Card" that gave us the right to try 4 dishes in any of the 15 predefined establishments. Some magnificently good, others not so much.

The richest: the tempura.Here we taste another thematic menu, also dedicated to the flavors of the province.

Their food, regional, with something of that modern-gourmet touch that many enthusiasts took me by surprise: it was great!

The dessert: peach with peach.

Once again the Ternasco de Aragón was the protagonist, this time they cut it in front of us. Happiness.

Soft meat, melting in the mouth.

The full service: Carpaccio of prey with seasonal mushrooms. Foie fennel cream with pork jowl, egg and crunchy crumbs. Gigot de Ternasco de Aragón PGI with mashed roasted potatoes and skeins. Quesada with peach.

Both the menu that we tasted at Casa Lac, like this at La Bastilla, are part of the gastronomic route "Saborea Zaragoza" and you can enjoy them for 30 euros each, per person.

Of this tour of Zaragoza, we are eager to go back, drink more red wine, visit more tapas bars and of course, faithful to the quasi-religious custom of the author of this text, try the Asian offer of the city .

Every time I see the image above I I imagine again and again tasting Zaragoza.

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